Artificial Intelligence

In its broadest sense, artificial intelligence is the self-learning creation algorithms that allow a computer to perform creative functions. In practice, AI is designed to routine operations to relieve human sand supplement the human brain capabilities in areas where machines are more efficient at what they do.

Let's move away from scientific formulations and futurism and get to the point. How does AI technology help us generate surplus value?

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About Artificial Intelligence

In the trading strategies development, artificial intelligence is becoming unconditionally dominant. He who uses the latest developments has advantages in the markets, and it is especially relevant for such a volatile asset as cryptocurrencies.

Unlike a rigidly prescribed bot algorithm, AI is a self-learning system analysing events capable, predicting trends, collecting and processing data huge amount sand making decisions. AI has no greed or fear, it just can't make irrational, emotion-driven decisions. The Apex One team has developed the most advanced software for efficient, effortless farming—the AI will do everything for you.

What do we do?

APEX ONE AI is intellectuals, a team who have taught AI to generate revenue.


In order to use Farming as a source of passive income, all you need to do is select a cryptocurrency pair and an exchange from the provided list. Smart Farming neural network choose when to enter and exit trades. Machine learning based on historical data allows us to make decisions that maximise returns for our investors at each time point. No trader can match the ability of artificial intelligence to predict profitable trades.

The added value

Our developments in AI and quantum computing, allow us to predict and react to events faster than anyone else, while monitoring dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges. From the profits from transactions on a pair of cryptocurrencies, revenue is generated at a specific point in time and then distributed to users. This approach allows surplus value to be generated by «scalping», i.e. trading over the shortest possible time periods. This, in turn, allows Smart Farming technology to show enviable efficiency regardless of the current market trend.

Effective protection

Big Data capabilities are magnitude orders greater than the human brain computing capabilities, and in symbiosis with the analytical capabilities of AI, allow us not only to work effectively on your behalf, but also provide information security to important aspects, and help analysts by structuring data in a huge volume and highlighting important events that may not be noticed in time by humans.


Learning from historical events, allows AI to predict potential threats and vulnerabilities to the platform, personal data integrity, transactions, etc. Based on these signals, our cybersecurity team makes operational decisions to protect our ecosystem from attackers.


Equally important are signals about suspicious events on exchanges, significant information from the media, changes in market trends, especially in the IT industry niche, which traditionally affects cryptocurrency rates. Thanks to instant comparison with previous experience, AI gives a forecast, or a trend warns, providing great support to risk managers.


Remaining questions?

Still have any questions? Want to know more about the ways neural networks and quantum calculations help people get richer every day?